“Will your Grace run out if I let you down”

For a while I was heavily involved in going to church. Not just one church, many. I went to a new church to visit with a friend, then I went with my brother, and then ultimately went by myself. At each one of these services, I felt God had a message for me. Things were so good. So I thought I’d share what I wrote in a journal of mine:

Lately I have been really happy. I see God working in my life. I may have a new calling. This was not easy though. I put myself in a new situation in which I was uncomfortable. Maybe deep down I thought it would be different this time. It’s so easy to get comfortable with friends and relationships that bring temporary excitement. I encourage you to look for truth in friends. Listen to what the people you surround yourself say. Don’t do this to¬†criticize or judge them. But listen. Listen really close, Has something they said hurt you? And if so I hope they apologized and you forgave them. But my hope is that people would find others who make them feel like they’re worth it. You’re worth it.

Why were things so good?

Let me tell you how quick that changed.

I finished summer school at a community college and it was definitely a new environment for me. I wasn’t really open to new friendships. However, I did make a friend or two if you count the one I had going into the college. I had a pretty great professor and ended the class pretty darn well. I still just went in quickly and left quickly. Also, my past came back recently and I didn’t deal with that too well nor temptation. And now I’m back to where I realize I can’t do things by myself even after I’ve had the bests sermons or reading my bible. It’s the continuous prayer that keeps God working on me.To pray and to realize my faults is to move forward. And the question: why am I here? Do I really owe it to the universe to be a good person or to write how I feel? No. I do not. I owe it all to God who continually sheds his grace for me.

“Listen carefully to what wise people say; pay attention to what I am teaching you.” Proverbs 22:17 NCV

“It’s your breath in our lungs”, Love you Lord.